Welcome to Hogwarts Distance Education, I hope you enjoy seeing our fun as much as I have had in the planning of it. Setting up my schoolroom has always been a big fun deal to me. I do rea;lize that the children are getting older, themes are kind of wasting away for them but I wanted just one more. Just one more big thing before they are just too old to really have fun with it anymore.

The idea started with a few posters and a yahoo group. Then of course we had to have a Honeydukes and before you knew it the kids had thrown around ideas, I saw Harry Potter parties online and this little idea has taken on a life of its own. Because like me my children have to go all out so to speak!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Magic Crystals Potion outcomes from week 6

 This is day 2 There is a bit of growth. There is enough that the kids can actually see something is happening!
This is about day 5. Alot of growing going on here. I notice there is barely any smell now of the chemicals used.

Today. This is day 7. The crystals have now grown over the edging of the glass pan, sadly I am thinking I won't have a glass circle in my baking dishes anymore. They are a bit dissapointed for some reason they thought it would be way more colorful. I could have used more food coloring but oh well. They are very pleased with their garden!

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