Welcome to Hogwarts Distance Education, I hope you enjoy seeing our fun as much as I have had in the planning of it. Setting up my schoolroom has always been a big fun deal to me. I do rea;lize that the children are getting older, themes are kind of wasting away for them but I wanted just one more. Just one more big thing before they are just too old to really have fun with it anymore.

The idea started with a few posters and a yahoo group. Then of course we had to have a Honeydukes and before you knew it the kids had thrown around ideas, I saw Harry Potter parties online and this little idea has taken on a life of its own. Because like me my children have to go all out so to speak!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Magic Fun Week 6

   This week she finished up watching Animal Planets documentaries about mermaids for Magical Creatures. I found this cool little mermaid soap making kit at Five Below for her to make as a project this week! So she watched the movie, made soap and made a page about the movie for her journal she is putting together! 

     "Hooray"!!!! She also found her class shirt!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Magic In Our Classroom

     The last time we did Magic School I practically created an entire house of magic! This time I have tried to tone it down a bit! Yes, it is hard because I am always finding cool ideas or coming up with my own LOL I am also magical at finding ways to re purpose stuff and adding to my collections when it comes to themes! So I have just put stuff here and there and where ever it fits or looks cute! This is Skylers magic shelf. It has her books, more books and a lot of other odds and ends depending on what she is studying. Right now it is mostly Herbology and Magical Creatures!

     I made that little mandrake doll years ago and she is still a favorite! I found the cool blue pixie on ebay for ten bucks and he had to come to my house of course! He is pretty calm compared to the other pixies but I have been envisioning some elf on the shelf type antics for him lately! Maybe the precarious pixie?? 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Week 5 of Magic Fun!

      Week five was magical as usual!! This week we added some grammar and had fun watching a mermaid documentary! Animal Planet has two amazing mermaid documentaries that are just that amazing! The first is called The Body Found and the other is New Evidence. I love how they take on a whole new world in these "documentaries"! This week we watched the first. 

   She is also sporting her new pretty Gryffindor head band. She has a complete uniform that I have yet to take actual pics in. I need to find her the perfect shoes of course first!

Cauldron Cooking!

     We had such a full week that we didn't actually get to Magic School but we still did Cauldron Cooking and made Yorkshire pudding! We have never made it before or had it for that matter. Ours did not come out like the stuff we had seen online either. 

      It was still fun though and it tasted good. I wish I had the beef drippings I am sure that would have added to the flavor even more!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Our Week 4 of Magic!

      It was fairy week at our Magic Home School! We read about fairies, made a fairy craft and a fairy garden! She had a special fairy book to read so she really concentrated on that this week. 

I also snagged a cool fairy coloring book for like two bucks and she was pretty happy with that!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Week 3 of Magic Fun!!!!

     This week in Herbology Skyler received a baby Ziniber (ginger) to plant from Professor Sprout! This is the Mandrakes cousin. Apparently it screams as well! I use many ideas from the Hogwarts Yahoo Groups! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Week 2 of Magic Fun!!

     It seems even our cat Gizmo wants to get in on Magic School. This was a rough day. We woke up late and never got through everything we had planned. Regardless of that, we still had a blast!! 

       She started her day off dissecting an owl pellet for Magical Creatures. I felt this was really cool she did not. To her it was gross and poor mouse who had been eaten by an owl. It ended with her burying the poor little bones. What can I say she has a soft heart. I know that comes from me so it is all good.