Welcome to Hogwarts Distance Education, I hope you enjoy seeing our fun as much as I have had in the planning of it. Setting up my schoolroom has always been a big fun deal to me. I do rea;lize that the children are getting older, themes are kind of wasting away for them but I wanted just one more. Just one more big thing before they are just too old to really have fun with it anymore.

The idea started with a few posters and a yahoo group. Then of course we had to have a Honeydukes and before you knew it the kids had thrown around ideas, I saw Harry Potter parties online and this little idea has taken on a life of its own. Because like me my children have to go all out so to speak!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Week 1 of Magic Scool!!!

Assignment and potion ingredients are ready to go as soon as school starts!! I have been on a real kick about having things all ready to go lately. It really makes the days go much smoother.

My Magic School morning board! From the left we have a Wizards Words pocket. Every week they get 5 vocabulary words from the Harry Potter Vocabulary Book. They must write the word, part of speech and definition.  When everyone is done we go around and use the words in a sentence. The bottom pocket is our Daily Profit newspaper. We have to keep up with the Wizarding World. In the middle we have a calendar. At the top right is the Owl Scouts News pocket, it is empty as scouts has yet to start. At the bpottom they have Goblin Job sticks. This is how they earn their Gringotts coins to spend at Diagon Alley which is going to be open this month on the 28th.

Their little pens are so cute! Skyler was quite adamant about using her quill to write with for all her Wizard Work.

Book work first!! They did Muggle Studies, Wizardology, Aritnmancy, Potion book work, and of course Hogwarts A History.

Now to make some Dragon Drool!!!! Damian did not like the cloud of white from the dragon ash in his face.

Add the Phoenix Tears which Fox enjoyed doing very much.

Stir well. She is using a stick that Damian found in the yard that all the kids call moms magic wand lol.

Now feel the Dragons Drool! Dragons Drool shows the two states of matter solid and liquid. Supposedly if you get a minor burn the Dragons Drool paste will take the sting out. I think they had fun. Damian is not really grasping the whole money thing. He doesn't understand why everyone is not the same. It will take a bit but I am sure once he catches on he will do fine with it.

All in all it was an OK day. Had some complaints of the writing and math part but oh well, gotta do whatcha gotta do!!

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