Welcome to Hogwarts Distance Education, I hope you enjoy seeing our fun as much as I have had in the planning of it. Setting up my schoolroom has always been a big fun deal to me. I do rea;lize that the children are getting older, themes are kind of wasting away for them but I wanted just one more. Just one more big thing before they are just too old to really have fun with it anymore.

The idea started with a few posters and a yahoo group. Then of course we had to have a Honeydukes and before you knew it the kids had thrown around ideas, I saw Harry Potter parties online and this little idea has taken on a life of its own. Because like me my children have to go all out so to speak!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Week 3!!

Skyler is allowing the monster book of monsters a nibble from her hand! They are really not liking arithmancy! They do not like the fact they actually have to think about the questions. This tell me I need to beef up some word problems in math and maybe add in some logic!

Potions was pretty fun this week. They made basilisk antivenom! They really like having all the stuff with the labels and everything. I must say I liked making it all too. Well printing it out and glueing and mod podging it anyway. The labels were from the yahoo group. I love that group.
Damian added the ground basilisk bone into a mini cauldron as the kids call them. They are actually small dessert bowls that my mom gave me. She probally wouldn't be too thrilled that we use them for other things so shhhh, don't tell!
Skyler was none too thrilled to be smelling weasel urine (vinegar) she did not like it at all.
Fox used the dropper full of cocks blood to add in the urine! He kept saying I wonder how they got the urine? It was so funny to see Skyler actually stop and think for a minute about it! She thinks the store has trained the weasels to pee in a potty!

They really liked to hear the sizzle noises it made! Which got on the subject of what they learned this week in science. Different elements reacting to each other.

Damian has finally decided to use his quill! It was an OK day. They enjoy doing this but sometimes grouchy behaviors get in the way. Fox almost had to go to Azkaban which would have not been good.


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