Welcome to Hogwarts Distance Education, I hope you enjoy seeing our fun as much as I have had in the planning of it. Setting up my schoolroom has always been a big fun deal to me. I do rea;lize that the children are getting older, themes are kind of wasting away for them but I wanted just one more. Just one more big thing before they are just too old to really have fun with it anymore.

The idea started with a few posters and a yahoo group. Then of course we had to have a Honeydukes and before you knew it the kids had thrown around ideas, I saw Harry Potter parties online and this little idea has taken on a life of its own. Because like me my children have to go all out so to speak!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Week 8 Magic Fun

      Magic School project week!! The best weeks in my opinion! Getting up and doing stuff! "What fun".

       She actually remembered to wear her shirt too!

       Since Quidditch is all about flight, what better way than to fly some stuff? I found this really cool book of flyers to make. She was excited to pick out a Gringotts Dragon!

       She also decided to turn the Stella Luna into dragon cat! 

         For Magical Creatures this week Skyler made a bowtruckle! It was a tad bit time consuming but so worth it in the end because he is ADORABLE!!!

        He found a nice little place to hang out on the Magic shelf!

      For Potions this week we did Insta-Freeze!! It was also a bit of work to make it happen but again very cool outcome!

        In our Arithmancy we learned some pretty cool patterns with numbers!!

      As usual it was a wonderful and magical day! Happy spell casting!!

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